Services/ Prices

Bath & Brush


  • Bath
  • Brush out undercoat (de-shedding)
  • Blast and Finish dry
  • Nail Clipping
  • Anal gland (if needed)
  • Ear clean

Hand Stripping


  • Bath with sensitive shampoo & dry.
  • Scissoring and Stripping
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear cleaning (plucking if required)
  • Anal Gland expressing (on request)

Full Groom


  • Brush out, Bath, blast and finish dry.
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning (plucking if required)
  • Anal Gland expressing (on request)
  • Clipping and scissoring to breed standard

Nail Trimming £5

Anal Gland Expressing £5

Puppy Groom

Introducing our new free puppy session

Whatever the breed it is importnant to introduce your puppy to new sights, sounds and smells of grooming as early as possible. Starting grooming early means they are accustomed to the grooming process by the time they reach adulthood.

We interact with your puppy making grooming a happy and pleasant experience leading to a lifetime of happy grooming for you and your dog. Please ensure your puppy is fully vaccinated before its first grooming session.

1st free intro (age up to 20 weeks):

  • Introduction to salon equipment
  • Introduction to being brushed
  • Ear cleaning and Nail clipping
  • Advice on grooming routine/techniques
  • Squirt of doggy perfume

2nd visit from £10:

  • Bath, Brush and Dry
  • Trim face, feet and sanitary area
  • Nail clipping and ear cleaning
  • Squirt of doggy perfume

First Full Groom 10% off

Call us on 07891969391

Price List

All prices are based on the dogs coat being in reasonable condition. Please be aware there may be additional charges if coat is matted or dog is aggressive/difficult.

Any breed not listed below, please call to ask about pricing.

Popular breeds

Price From-

Papillion £25                                

Pomeranian £25 

Maltese £30                                   

Chihuahua £25 (long)                                        

Portuguese Water Dog £30

Shetland sheepdog £35              

Dachshund Miniature £25                               

Tibetan terrier £30                

Standard Dachshund £27           

Lhasa Apso/Shih tzu £30                                

Bichon Frise £35

Jack Russell (Long)£22                                             

Schnauzer Miniature £30+

Large Breeds

Prices from-

Newfoundland £50+

St. Bernard £45                               

Bernese Mountain Dog £45

German shepherd £30 (short) £36 (long)                                                           

Husky £35

Schnauzer Giant £30+                                

Bearded Collie £40                            

Border collie £35

Airedale Terrier £40                                  

Golden Retriever £35                       

Irish setter £30-35

English Setter £33                                    

Old English sheepdog £45+              

Samoyed large £45+

Rough Collie £45                                     

Curly-Coated Retriever £40               

Spinone £40   

Norweigan Elkhound £40 


Toy £28                    

 Miniature £30                      

Standard £40

Smooth Coated Breeds

Jack Russell £15

Pug/Chihuahua £15                             

Miniature Dachshund £15

Whippet £20                                    

Chinese Shar-Pei £30                           

Rottweiler/Great Dane £25

Doberman £25                                  

Dalmatian £25                                    

Staffordshire terrier £23

Bulldog/Boxer £25                              

Basset Hound £25                               

Beagle/Bull Terrier/Greyhound £23

Labrador £28-£30                             

Bullmastiff £30           


Prices from-              

English Springer Spaniel £28                 

King Charles spaniel £28                          

English Cocker Spaniel £28

American Cocker Spaniel £30+                   

Clumber spaniel £30+


Airedale Terrier £40+

Border Terrier £28

Bull Terrier £22

Cairn Terrier £30

Irish Terrier £25

Jack Russell Terrier (Long) £22 (Short) £15

Lakeland Terrier £30

Norfolk/Norwich Terrier £28

Scottish Terrier £30                                  

Yorkshire Terrier £25

Wirehaired Fox Terrier £33                            

West Highland Terrier £30

Welsh Terrier £30

Tiebetan Terrier £35

Bedlington Terrier £30

Poodle Hybrids

Prices from-

Cockapoo £35                                  

Goldendoodle £40                                        

Labradoodle £40

Cavapoo £35                                       

Jack-A-Poo £30                                             

Lhasapoo £35

Schnoodle £35 

Hand stripping & Flea treatment

Small/Medium Breeds from £30+

Large Breeds from £50+

Flea Treatment

(If required) - £5

Bath & Brush

Small/Medium Breeds from £15

Large Breeds from £20


Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 it is illegal to cause unnecessary suffering to an animal thereby any dog that is severely matted will be clipped off. As dematting takes extra time to remove Knots and Matt’s it can be painful for the dog. There is an additional charge of £10 per hour.

With regular grooming we can start again, and as the coat grows out then we can find a style that will suit you and your dog.